Alexander Vrabels Cimbalom Music


“Alexander Vrabels Cimbalom Music” started 1997.

The members are (and were) part of Czech chorus songs and dances. This band uses different types of Czech, Moravian and Slovakian folklore music. The main inspiration comes from Frantisek Susil, F. Bartos., F. Poloczek, L. Janacek and other collectors of the folklore songs.

Cimbalom music can be represented in modern way too. This type of music will get the audience enthusiastic and it can please a wide spectrum of listeners thanks to the originality and a long list of songs and tunes played to the interested ones.

All the authors of the original music have their roots in Moravia and follow the east-southern life style by the lyrics, tunes and the traditions illustrated in the songs produced in such a lovely part. You can easily guess that by listening to all the melodies made up by these artists inspired by the nurturing Moravian wine and the sun.

The “Alexander Vrabels Cimbalom music” band travelled through most of the Europe, always dressed in traditional hand-made costumes that come from Trencin, Piestany (Slovakian towns) and Hroznova Lhota areas.


Alexander Vrabel - prime violin, Jiri Cihak - prime violin, Jiri Sladek - prime violin, Jiri Zigmund - prime violin, alto, Pavel Janecek - prime violin, alto, Radmil Tesarik - alto, Miriam Polakova - cimbalom, Michal Horsak - cimbalom, Martin Hauptmann - cimbalom, clarinet, Petr Panek - cimbalom, double-bass, Robert Kulisek - cimbalom, Irvin Venyš - clarinet, Michal Zpevak - clarinet, Martin Zpevak - double-bass, Frantisek Soucek - double-bass, Michal Šmehlík - kontrabas, Jan Dudy - double-bass, accordeon, Pavel Lzicar - double-bass, Marcel Javorcek - accordeon

Marie Vrabelova - singing, Lenka Kurkova - singing

Radek Sula, Bara Dastychova, Jan Glassner, Kveta Cihakova - dancing


Alexander Vrabels music does not introduce only Moravian tune, it also presents Slovakian, Romanian and Hungarian traditional songs.

No doubt they can play any well worldwide known hit for the youngsters as well as the older generations “Evergreens” including jazz and swing music standards.



Dajte me mamicko Solo tarogato Solo cimbal
Cervenuo jablcko Solo housle Poznal sem svet malucko